Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Kappa

Kappa pledged SGa in December 2007. We had already gone through many changes by this point, but NOTHING prepared us for making the "we to three" (humans that is) leap. He truly changed every aspect of life in SGa.

Kappa made quite an impression from the beginning; roaring into our lives like a freight train at 8 lbs., 13 oz., and 5 days early (born on a Friday, and we had a lot planned for that weekend!). I remember holding him for the first time, looking down at his squishy purple face and saying, "Mommy has no idea what to do next, but I love you and we're going to figure it out together. Deal?" And just like that, we were parents.

I'd like to say it was smooth sailing from then on. Not so much. Kal and I were largely making it up as we went along, at least that is how it felt. But Kappa kept up his end of the deal like a champ. People would ask how we were doing and I would always answer the same, "Kappa has it together. We are a mess just trying to keep up with him." We still sometimes just watch him and wonder how blessed we are to have this little person in our lives that we get to play with and teach things, and ultimately mold into an adult that will, God willing, go on to have his own little beta someday. Scary, rewarding, and just awesome.

Thanks for continuing to keep up your end of the deal, Kappa. Mama and Dada love you!

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