Friday, November 11, 2011

Excel + Pizza

Two of my favorite topics - Excel and Pizza - together in one post. I've previously shared the Randy's American Dough recipe I commonly use. Or perhaps, more accurately, I shared a version of what I use. I don't always make the same size pizza, and I don't particularly care to use imperial weights. You can use the expanded dough calculator on to re-size your recipe as needed. But what if you want multiple dough balls of different sizes?

Enter Kal's Dough Calculator featuring Randy's American Dough:

The highlighted cells are ones you can change. To change the "weight in" type, type "grams" or "ounces" (no quotes), it will default to grams. Then, enter the number of dough balls of each size. That will update the ingredients on the right.

Still rolling out features, so it's not quite ready to send out the whole file, but does provide the right amounts for the dough balls selected.